Healthy body

To be healthy one has to eat right. Food plays an important role in keeping yourself fit and healthy. In today’s world there is lot of junk food available. Today’s world is really very fast and people find very less time to cook and do exercise. So people are going behind junk foods to save time and these junk foods are really unhealthy. Junk foods contain preservatives and they are not fresh.

Always fresh food has to be consumed to keep you fit and healthy. Too much of junk food will cause lot of complications like diabetes,  cholesterol , blood pressure etc. junk food or oil fried foods which are quick to make and easy to consume but the harm they cause to your body is not less. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Young healthy woman with fruits.Fruits and vegetables help to reduce fat content in your body and help you to keep yourself more healthy and fit. Along with a healthy diet god exercise also plays an important role .in keeping your body fit. is A good morning walk will help you to keep your body fit and also keeps your mind fresh. Walking is a very good exercise to keep your mind and body fresh.

Health and its importance

4Health and wellness are interconnected and they both are the same thing. To be healthy is a very important factor in life. One has to be healthy physically to have a healthy body and a very healthy mind. Only if you are healthy you can live peacefully in this whole world. Health plays an important role in a human’s life. To be healthy you will have to take care of many things.

To have a healthy body you should eat correctly, you should have good exercise, you should have a good family, a good job, and financially you have to be secure. All these above stated matters a lot to have a healthy and fit life. The most important aspect of a healthy body is the food we take in. we should always eat a lot of vegetables, fruits ,nuts ,pulses ,cereals ,milk etc.

6you should avoid taking too much oil content in your food as oil will increase the fat in your body and they will hike the cholesterol level and thus it will lead to lot of complications. Vegetables can be consumed in any number as vegetables have special enzymes which will reduce fat from your body and helps to keep you fit.